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5 Hot Springs near Salt Lake City, UT

A list of the 5 closest hot springs to SLC, including ones I haven't visited.

  1. Homestead Crater hot springs Only 52 minutes from Salt Lake City and 35 minutes from Park City, the Homestead Crater makes a perfect rest day option for anyone visiting Park City Mountain Resort, or any of the Wasatch front ski hills. *this requires a reservation and an entrance fee based on the activity you've chosen. [read full post here]

  2. Fifth Water hot springs / Diamond Fork hot springs One of Utah’s most popular naturally-occurring hot springs, Fifth Water (a.k.a. Diamond Fork) sits 2.5 miles down a trafficked trail with only 700 feet of elevation gain. The hike itself is worth the one-hour drive as it weaves through a red rock canyon and alongside a slow stream. *this hike gets incredibly crowded on weekends or during the summer, so plan accordingly and remember to leave no trace!

  3. Saratoga hot springs Those looking for a (hopefully) less crowded hot springs near Salt Lake City, look no further than this naturally occurring, muddy pool just 40 minutes outside Salt Lake City.

  4. Crystal hot springs A one of the more developed hot springs near Salt Lake City, soaking at Crystal is as close to a spa experience as you’ll find, with multiple swimming pools, a lodge, and over 100 campsites. *admission prices are regularly $9 for adults and $7 for children.

  5. Meadow hot springs Located on private property, Meadow Hot Springs are deep enough to scuba dive, and warm enough to visit in the dead of winter. The property owner is generous enough to allow visitors to not only visit the pools, but to also camp on the property and enjoy a campfire nearby. *be sure to follow all posted signs and rules to maintain access to the hot springs.

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