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On All Things Sustainability

Happy Earth Day! Today we bring awareness to our planet and all that it provides for us, with the theme this year being ‘Invest In Our Planet’.

Let’s make #EarthDay every day! From choosing sustainable transportation to supporting our natural spaces, you can do your part in helping keep our home planet healthy.

What is sustainability? What does it mean?

There is no universally agreed definition of sustainability. In fact, there are many different viewpoints on this concept and on how it can be achieved. Nowadays, sustainability is usually defined as the processes and actions through which humankind avoids the depletion of natural resources, in order to keep an ecological balance that doesn’t allow the quality of life of modern societies to decrease.

How can each of us be more sustainable?

  1. Save energy.

  2. Use reusable alternatives - such as grocery bags, water bottles/coffee mugs, resealable bags, etc.

  3. Go paperless!

  4. Recycle and reuse.

  5. Donate!

  6. Shop used - through platforms like Poshmark or at your local thrift/consigment shops. By buying used, you divert clothing and fabrics from land fills and lower the demand of production of new clothing, lowering the consumption of textiles, water, and energy. Save the Earth one used item at a time - buy used, repair, and rewear!

  7. Wear sustainable clothing.

  8. Buy fair trade products.

  9. Drive less - consider alternatives like biking, walking, carpooling, or public transport

  10. Use less water.

Some of my favorite sustainable outdoor brands:

  • Drifted 100% of fabrics are Bluesign® Certified, they have fully eliminated plastic from our protective bags, using a plant-based compostable material, and focus on versatile styles to limit overproduction.

  • MiiR - save 15% with code 'mckennar' They are a Certified B Corporation, Climate Neutral Certified and contribute to 1% for the Planet.

  • Cotopaxi - save an addition 10% on sale items using code 'EXTRA10' (now through April 30, 2022) In 2022, they eliminated all single-use plastics in our packaging and replaced them with recycled or biodegradable materials, they are Climate Netural Certified, and 94% of their products contain repurposed, recycled, or responsible materials.

  • Strange Bikinis Their swimwear is made from biodegradable, organic fabric as well as fabric made of unused plastic bits from water bottles and fishing nets using an eco-friendly process.

  • Stasher Bag Made from food-grade silicone Stasher Bags are 100% plastic and BPA free, have low chemical reactivity, are non-toxic and odorless, and are a great reusable option!

  • Keep Nature Wild They pick up one pound of trash for every product sold and they host a minimum of twelve cleanups a year and mobilize people from all over the world to host cleanups!

  • Casely They are now carbon neutral

  • Chaco Footwear Their repair team can resole outsoles, replace straps and buckles, adjust the length of straps, and consult on cleaning and care. Because the most sustainable products aren't disposable — they're repairable! They also partner with other outdoor-minded organizations and individuals on issues that move us forward together.

  • The list could go on forever!

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